Plouffe, Daniel vs. General Motors
Class Action Counsel:

Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Rivers & Golden, P.C.
Attorneys working case: Michael L. Pitt, Cary McGehee, Robert Palmer and Beth Rivers
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On June 24, 2011, Dan Plouffe, age 58, filed a class action lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court against GM alleging that he was demoted from an Executive Level to a lower level as part of a wide spread pattern of age discrimination against older GM Executives.  Plouffe, who has brought the case on his own behalf and on behalf of all similarly situated former GM Executives, seeks reinstatement to his former Executive position and compensation for his losses.  Plouffe, who started with GM when was 18 years old, was repeatedly told by senior management that he was demoted and not re-instated to open Executive positions because of GM’s policy of reserving Executive Level positions to individuals who have enough “runway” in their careers to attain at least two promotions. He was told on several occasions by senior managers that because of his age (58), he didn’t have enough “runway” to qualify for an Executive Level position.

The law firm of Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Rivers and Golden ( is representing Mr. Plouffe in this case.  This Firm has extensive experience in pursing class and group action age discrimination lawsuits against major employers in Michigan and throughout the United States.

Employees who participate in employment discrimination cases or oppose unlawful discrimination are protected from retaliation by their employers. Federal and Michigan law prohibits employers such as General Motors from retaliating against any employee who engages in legally protected activity, which includes complaining about discrimination, informally or formally, assisting in a complaint of discrimination by testifying or providing relevant information, or filing a complaint in court. Thus, if you choose to attend the informational meeting or participate in this lawsuit, you will be protected.



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